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4 Pack - Exfoliating Mitt Bundle

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Remove dead skin, dirt and excess sebum with our luxurious 100% viscose Exfoliating Mitt, giving you smoother and clearer skin. Helping to improve blood circulation and collagen production, exfoliation can help to achieve younger looking skin. 

Shower or bath for 5 minutes, then lightly wet
the glove in warm water only.

Scrub with long, firm strokes using your palms. Apply pressure as desired. Redness is normal.

Rinse off your body + glove with body wash.
Wring the glove and hang to air dry.

  • 100% Viscose
  • Avoid open cuts, inflammation or active acne
  • Use once a week for beautiful, glowing skin
  • Replace glove every 8-12 weeks for best results