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Waterproof reusable Nappies

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NDIS APPROVED - Please note this product is NDIS approved. If you have funding through NDIS you may be eligible for a full rebate. 


Toilet training is one of the most dreaded and looked forward to phases in the life of a parent.

On the one hand you’re really looking forward to not having to deal with any more stinky nappies and on the other hand you’re dreading the multiple accidents that go on for days and weeks after training.

Saf Organics has your back, our eco-friendly waterproof underwear is made with bamboo material, making it soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. You won't ever hear your child complaining about taking it off.

We hear from our customers that they use these underwear for so many reasons! Kids with autism, delayed potty training, spina bifida, angel man's syndrome, Chiari malformation, neurogenic bladder, voiding dysfunction, and many other reasons

The underwear is made up of 4 or 7 layers, which protects your child from any fluid accidents. We know accidents like this happen all the time, and as promised, we're here to help you prevent them.

  1. The underwear can be used on its own without your child wearing a nappy.
    2. Monitor your child's use of the underwear and change it in time.


When choosing the perfect size for your little one, we highly recommend weighing them first and basing the sizing on weight. See images above for measurements. 

Medium: 9-14 kgs (140 mL) Day Pants 

(NEW) Large: 15 - 25 kgs (600 mL) Night pants

(NEW) X - Large: 25 - 35 kgs (680 mL) Night pants 

The absorbency level of the nappies also depends on their size.

Materials/Fabric Used - 4 Layer

  • Inner Layer: 1 Layer of Bamboo
  • Middle Layer: 2 Layers of Microfiber
  • Outer Layer: 1 Layer PUL Waterproof Layer

Materials/Fabric Used - 7 Layer

  • Inner Layer: 1 Layer of Bamboo
  • Middle Layer: 5 Layers of Microfiber
  • Outer Layer: 1 Layer PUL Waterproof Layer


The Inner Layer

The inner layer is made from quality bamboo that is undyed and unbleached, which makes it safer to be in contact with your child’s delicate skin. bamboo fabrics allow the inner layer to remain breathable and comfortable for your child’s skin. It prevents skin rashes and protects against pollen, dust mites, and other allergens. Also its got the highest level of absorbency.

The Middle Layers

These “absorbent” layers are made from high-quality microfiber. These layers of fabric are the training nappies’ key players for the best level of absorption that meets Saf Organics standards.

The Outer Layer

Made from PUL Waterproof fabric, the outermost layer safeguards your child’s skin, clothes and surroundings from any fluid. It’s toxin-free and environment-friendly to ensure your child is safe and protected. 


  1. We suggest washing your nappies first to remove any residues. The training nappies are made from natural fibres and they get more absorbent as they get more washes. This would help build up the nappy's absorption level to its maximum capacity.
  2. Direct sunlight drying is also highly recommended as it is a natural detergent and it eliminates unwanted bacteria from the nappies. If the sun is not around, tumble dry your nappy in low heat.

 Please note - We have a no return policy on hygiene items so please double check your measurements or contact us for support. Thank you. 

Download our free quide here to “How to toilet train in 3 days”